Hamza Brothers, established in Egypt 1997, is the leading providers of offshore mini supply and fast crew vessels serving the offshore oil and gas industries in Egypt, both in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. We enjoy an impeccable reputation in the offshore industry for reliability and efficiency, and are renowned nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to provide a range of carefully controlled, cost effective services to the offshore oil industry through our vessels’ lower operational costs, reducing the overall logistics costs for our customers while keeping focus on safety and environment.

The focus of our business is providing boats for transportation of personnel and material between shore bases and offshore installations and facilities. We also support seismic and diving activities and offshore structure maintenance. Above all we adapt our service according to each client’s particular requirements or as individual circumstances dictate.

To bridge the communication gap with international companies, we man some of our vessels with British officers, thus combining local knowledge with excellent seamanship. This combination played essential roles in the successful conclusion of numerous seismic and diving projects in some of the world’s most congested waters.

As part of our commitment to safety and quality, we have pursued on a voluntary basis, and have received certifications and classifications that are not generally held by other companies in our industry.